The Secret Power of the Brain

Something I find myself saying often is that I don’t know how my brain works, but it does. Recollection is crazy to me. What’s even more crazy is recollection without retrieval. Let me try to explain myself. Last night and this morning I studied for a final exam I took this morning. I read over my notes, highlighted important things, and read back over the highlighted material. The information for a five particular questions on the test I only had read once when going over my notes – no mnemonic devices or repetition. I drew a blank on all five. Since they were matching, retrieval should have been sparked [if the information were in my conscience processing]. It was not. The only thing I was able to go off of for these questions was a guess, a feeling. Like, “I have no idea why but this going with this feels right.” I trusted my gut (or my brain) and got all five correct. I was super amazed. This “unconscious” processing eludes me, but I believe it’s real. Sure, God could have been guiding me, but it seems so much more likely that God just gave me a brain that is able to do miraculous things. Praise be to God who gives us more understanding than we understand.


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