Looking Forward… and Looking Back

I usually don’t care too much about new year’s resolutions, but 2011 is going to be interesting. GIANT life decisions will be made – ones that will shape our lives forever. These past few years (in the big scheme of things) are just years spent at school. Now we have to decide where to live, where to work, where to go to more school. Infinite possibilities with only one decision to be made.

The front runners right now are:
1 – Houseparents at an AWESOME campus in North Carolina. It has everything we want – location, ammenities, schedule, pay, kids!
2 – Going to school at Troy. Corey would get his Masters in about a year. I would take a semester off then work on mine for a few years. I like this option too because I’d get to work as a case worker for a social work company. With this option, we’d get to keep the great relationships we’ve built with everyone around here, family included.
3 – Moving anywhere we want and doing anything we want. This would be similar to number two, because we really want to finish our Masters quickly, but we could move anywhere we want. Ultimately we want to end up in the mountains, so we could focus there.
4 – Being Houseparents anywhere. We would love this job so much. Hands on experience and being responsible for kids would be invaluable experience for us. Any of the Houseparent gigs could involve school, but it would be online and therefore limited.

With the last few years having been mostly planned for us (school, school, and more school) these big decisions are weighing heavy. I know God will lead us – I just pray He’ll open the right doors and close the wrong ones.

This is the year we really have to grow up. Wait… does that mean we’re grown-ups now? Oh no.


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