Some things we put off for later when we should accomplish them now (like dishes, laundry, or homework).  Some things are supposed to be later and we find ourselves accomplishing them early.  The latter is our case with moving.  We have long-planned to move after graduation.  A few days ago, we asked ourselves, “Why not move now?”  After doing a cost comparison of the different scenarios, we found that it would only cost us an extra $1000 to move now rather than waiting.  That hour drive every day makes $1000 look like chump change.  We are SO ready to be “in town” and not have to drive a million miles to get to everything we need.  So the search is on.  We’ve found a few houses we’re interested in renting and also a few we are not.  It’s going to be interesting to see how quickly we can get all of this done.  Seeing as nothing is packed.  We’ll see how it works!!!


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