Seminary Extension

School has been trucking along for a few weeks now.  In college, schoolwork comes and goes in pretty stable fluctuations.  You know you won’t have much school work for a few weeks, then finals, then not much work, then it gets crazy at the end.  This semester, though, we’re taking a few extra classes from seminary extension.  Seminary extension is an awesome program (only about $25 per credit hour) that provides classes in “book” format.  You send them money, they send you a study guide, books, 3 tests to mail in and you have one final (and a paper for 3 hour classes).  This is a pretty sweet deal seeing as it’s helping Corey and I graduate a semester early.

The classes we decided to take were James (2 hours), Luke (3 hours), and Systematic Theology (3 hours).  These will all translate into our degree as our needed Bible electives.  I’ve finished James and Luke (taken the final and all!), but still have a lot of work to do in theology.  That particular class is taking a while because the READING IS SO TEDIOUS!!!  (I hate tedious reading, if you can’t tell.)

On top of that, we’re planning a move to Dothan, and our actual classes are picking up a little.  All these Seminary Extension classes have to be back to them and in the grading process by next Friday (the 18th), so it’ll all be done before then.  The sooner the better.  I’m so ready to be done with them!


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