Organize/Clean me!!!

Oh how I desire to be organized.  Is it just me or do you guys notice that when things aren’t organized, they quickly become stressful.

I wish I could find a chart for everything in life so I could get everything organized.  Deep down I kind of feel like that is a fallacy.  I know I’d still have to take the time to update things.  I don’t think that’s as bad as I feel now though.  Now, I feel like there’s always something I’m forgetting.  And I hate forgetting things.

I do have a binder that I keep things in, but I need to get it more functional.  And find a chart to chart time on to update everything. 

Now, please don’t laugh at my organizing desires.  Maybe it’s an addiction, but I’ve always been this way.  I firmly believe, however, that when one is organized, they have more time for enjoying life.  That’s my problem now.  I enjoy life too much to take the time to get organized.

This will end soon.  (And then come again and me go through this again – ughh!  The never end cycle of disintegration!)  I have decided that when I go home tonight… I am cleaning!  I have made a list of everything that needs to be done (which is pretty much everything) and I am going to go home tonight, turn on some radio (NO TV!  Don’t even get me started on the distracting powers of the tv!) and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!  Notice – no commas!  There will be no pausing in this cleaning venture.  Pausing leads to tatting which leads to more tatting which leads to even more tatting.   Tatting (and crocheting… okay, and tv) until bedtime is what has let the house need this much cleaning.

So please, come by my house this weekend.  Marvel in the cleanness that it will have. 

Then, when I get the organizing urge (because I don’t have the fantasy that this cleaning urge will last until I’m clean enough to organize), come marvel at how organized my house is.  I will have closets that I will not be embarrassed to open!  Yay!

On another note:  I am declaring my decision to clean tonight (and not organize!). 

“What?” you say?  “How can one get things cleaned without them first being organized?”  I KNOW!  But… this has always been my problem.  When I was told to clean my room as a kid, I would spend all day organizing my dresser drawers.  This is usually my cleaning downfall.  Other than the unmentionables listed above.  I refuse to let my organizing addiction come before my cleaning urge.  At least tonight. 

 As an extra incentive for me… I will post pictures of a clean house tomorrow.  This will encourage (force) me to clean tonight.  Because I am so “responsible” that I cannot not do what I say.  How sad is that.  Very sad.  I’m working on it.

One last thing.  Don’t hate.  Because my house will be clean tonight and yours won’t.  And if yours will, don’t tell me.  Let me bask in the glory of my clean house and think that I’ve done a marvelous thing by cleaning it.


One thought on “Organize/Clean me!!!

  1. I actually did do this, but couldn’t find my camera. I took pics on my phone, but it’s pretty ghetto and won’t let me send them anywhere. Sorry!

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