Life on the Ranch

I have thought many times of blogging about my life at the Ranch. Of the funny things and teachable things. I will not pretend that my perfectionism hasn’t gotten the best of me in this. I haven’t wanted to post unless I’ve had the time to do it thoroughly.

I’ve now come to the realization that that won’t be happening for me any time soon. And I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the fact that I have two days off each week that I mainly want to fill with sleep. I’m okay with the fact that my mind rarely stops thinking. I’m more than okay with these things – I’m happy about them. They are because God has entrusted my husband and I to parent 7 wonderful boys. We are in charge of their well-being and day to day growth.

So, when someone gets sick, I go to the store and pray that the medicine I pick for them will help. When someone’s pet frog dies, I comfort him when he can’t sleep at 5 am. When someone misses his mom, I rub his back until he falls asleep.

These are the things I was created to do. Yes, God is growing me into a great and godly mom. I know that I will be more prepared to parent my biological children from lessons I’m learning on the Ranch. But, even more than that, God is using things He instilled in me at birth.

I have an inherent nature to mother. My schoolmates picked up on this and called me the “mom of ’08.” I was not in the least ashamed. I was never embarrassed when I corrected their cursing, straightened their collar, or walked them through hard times. Those moments were blessings – I knew they knew someone cared.

I love being the someone who cares. The harder part of parenting is caring enough to teach them lessons they don’t want to learn. It’s in those moments that you know you’re truly parenting. I’m thankful for those moments.

For those of you who don’t know about the Ranch – you’re missing out. It’s an organization dedicated to showing the love of Christ to children from crisis families by providing loving homes and individualized education.

Corey and I are continually reflective on how blessed we are to be at the Ranch. Moving a few states away was scary, but now I can’t imagined life anywhere else. Anywhere else would be empty – devoid of eternal meaning. God has us here and we are thankful for His mercy. We pray constantly for His guidance and appreciate your prayers too.



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