Waterproof Mascara for Church

I wear waterproof mascara to church.

I meet God at church – every week. Before I go, I pray that He will humble me and draw me close to Him. Each week, I am refreshed. I am cleansed. I am reminded that I am loved.

Church for me isn’t about music, or lights, or even teaching. It’s about meeting God and praising His name with my community.

I remember the days that church felt like a worthwhile venture if I got a good “quote-to-live-by” for the week. If it was tweetable, even better. People, if that’s what church is to you, you’re missing out. You’re missing out on time and fellowship with the Being who created you and Who loves you so much that His Son died for you.

At my church, we take communion every week. This is a beautiful thing. Every week, our Pastor says, “Lauren, Christ died for you.” Every week, my only response is “Praise God!”

My Savior loves me. My Savior cares for me. When the world and its powers have me down, God lifts me up.

Church refreshes my spirit. Church renews my mind.

I certainly gain great teaching from Church. Words and music are used to touch my soul – and they do. My life would not be the same without such truthful teaching.

Every week, I am glad that I wore waterproof mascara. Especially during communion. As I hear our pastor remind each person who comes forward that Christ died for them, I am awed. Every time I reflect on how truly unworthy I am to receive His grace and love, I am brought to tears. Every time I see my loved ones take communion, I praise God for saving their lives.

My God loves me. He is sovereign over all, and I find great comfort in that. It’s a blessed thing to know that God already knows (and has orchestrated) how it will all play out. My life is not up in the air. My life is for Him. Because I don’t deserve it, I wear waterproof mascara to church.


One thought on “Waterproof Mascara for Church

  1. This blessed my heart so much that I’m glad I am wearing waterproof mascara right now. 🙂 We are so thankful that you, Corey, and your young men are fellowshiping with us at Covenant. May the Lord continue to bring you refreshing through His presence, His Word, His praise, and His people. Today during communion I was reflecting on and praising God for the eternity of fellowship I have ahead of me with those I love. I, too, was trying to hold back sobs as I received the bread and juice today. May the Lord’s love continue to astound us!

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