5 Years

*Once again, this post was written previously but not published.  The first half is from 12/17/12.


This Saturday marked five years that Corey and I have been wed. We took a cruise to the Bahamas (our first cruise/trip the Bahamas) and it was AMAZING! What we enjoyed the most was spending so much “non-productive” time together to rekindle some depth that our relationship had been missing. The busy-ness of life tends to distract people from true connection- I know it did for us.

Let me take this time to express how truly grateful I am for my husband. He puts up with a lot. As I was reflecting on how I would tend to communicate with him/think about him, I realized just how skewed and selfish I had become. I certainly was not being the wife he deserves and I was causing myself to miss out on truly appreciating the joys he brings to my life. Being a help-mate can be tough for us A-type, almost OCPD people. My desire to improve and be productive was drawing me away from the blessings that I have in the here and now – and I have many of them!

As I type, Corey and I are driving to a wonderful Japanese Steakhouse in Gainesville for dinner with his mom and his sister’s family. This is a wonderful blessing. We have actually been driving around Gainesville for the last 3.5 or so hours waiting for family to be available. It has been an excellent way to end our vacation. Corey and I were married near Gainesville and lived here for about a year. It has been great to drive by so many places that we have memories of, taking the time to reminisce of days gone by.

*Now to the present time…

That little visit to Gainesville caused us to really think  about the direction of our lives.  We had planned to move to Orlando in May 2013 for Corey to either go to FullSail University or work at Disney.  Audio positions are pretty non-existant in the Dothan area, apart from church-life, and he is really feeling called to live his passion of working with audio.  We drove through Orlando earlier that morning and found that we really weren’t impressed.  We visited the college and really weren’t impressed.  But, enter Gainesville and time with family, and we felt so at home.  Changing the “next-big-city” to Gainesville instead of Orlando means more than just a change of place, though; it also means a change in timing.  Orlando has a Troy campus but Gainesville does not – so we would need to stay in Dothan for me to finish up school.  Wouldn’t be too bad if this past semester was not my first.  I am not planning on finishing school until around December 2014, maybe even May 2015 if I take it slow.

This does not mean that there will not be a move, because we will be moving from our current location (as of right now) but probably to another house or apartment in Dothan.  Orlando is still on the table – Corey will be checking with them in January to see if he can get on doing audio there, but a job would have to precede a move.  As far as my opinion, I would like for there to be a Troy campus in Gainesville.  And while we’re talking genie-wishes here: I would like all this life planning stuff (like cash for the week, shopping for groceries, cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.) to be taken care of for me so I can do what I want.  Work + School + Home = A LOT.  Sometimes I have free time and all I want to do is sleep.  And often, I do.  But one day, I really will get to a menu plan.  One day, I really will get to cleaning out our 3rd bedroom. One day, I really will find a friend to spend time with.  One day, my desires will come.  And I can find comfort that I’m right where I’m supposed to be until they come.



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