Oh, how I long for contentment.  I am often reminded at how many things I am blessed with.  I am often able to see how my life is stitched together in a way more perfect than I could accomplish if at my own sewing machine.  Sadly, these glimpses of gratitude don’t keep me feeling content […]

Life on the Ranch

I have thought many times of blogging about my life at the Ranch. Of the funny things and teachable things. I will not pretend that my perfectionism hasn’t gotten the best of me in this. I haven’t wanted to post unless I’ve had the time to do it thoroughly. I’ve now come to the realization […]

Short Update

So, it has been just over three months since I’ve last blogged. Life has been so busy, but God is doing wonderful things in both mine and Corey’s lives. We have gotten involved with a new small group of married couples, have settled in to a new (if taxing) work schedule, and are having a […]

New Things

There are so many new things in my life right now.  Hopefully, in this post, I can update you on the big things in my life right now. GRADUATION: Corey and I have graduated college!  Both with our B.A.’s in Christian Counseling from the Baptist College of Florida.  An amazing program at an amazing school.  […]

Seminary Extension

School has been trucking along for a few weeks now.  In college, schoolwork comes and goes in pretty stable fluctuations.  You know you won’t have much school work for a few weeks, then finals, then not much work, then it gets crazy at the end.  This semester, though, we’re taking a few extra classes from […]

Favorite Video

As I’m trying to figure out this whole wordpress thing, I figured I’d embed a video.  So, I decided to share my absolute favorite video ever.  (I also love parodies of this video.) LOVE the Sienna SE family!!! My next quest is to see how to put my own videos on here.  I’d really hate […]