Oh, how I long for contentment.  I am often reminded at how many things I am blessed with.  I am often able to see how my life is stitched together in a way more perfect than I could accomplish if at my own sewing machine.  Sadly, these glimpses of gratitude don’t keep me feeling content […]

New Things

There are so many new things in my life right now.  Hopefully, in this post, I can update you on the big things in my life right now. GRADUATION: Corey and I have graduated college!  Both with our B.A.’s in Christian Counseling from the Baptist College of Florida.  An amazing program at an amazing school.  […]


As you may know,  I am graduating with my B.A. in counseling on May 13th!  I have looked forward to this day for so long; it’s amazing that it is so close!  Pretty much, it’s most of what consumes my thoughts nowadays.  That, what I have to do to graduate (a few more papers), and […]


I hate being sick.  It started with a sore throat last Monday (aka a whole week ago!).  I knew it was from working so much and sleeping so little that weekend.  That sore throat turned into a cough and drainage and yuck yuck yuck.  I worked Monday night, rested all day Tuesday, got someone to […]

My Church!

My AWESOME church just moved to a new location and is getting quite the buzz in the community.  Here’s a video of the local news station doing a story on it.  This video gives you a look inside our church and helps you see just a tad of why I love it so much.

Last Semester Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow starts my last semester of undergraduate college. I’m scared out of my mind. There’s something about the end that makes me feel like I can’t do it. I don’t know why this is. It could be that I have no idea what is going to happen after graduation and I’m comfortable with normality. I […]