New Things

There are so many new things in my life right now.  Hopefully, in this post, I can update you on the big things in my life right now.

GRADUATION: Corey and I have graduated college!  Both with our B.A.’s in Christian Counseling from the Baptist College of Florida.  An amazing program at an amazing school.  It’s so weird not being a student (even though it is still summer, it feels different.  Maybe because I’m working full-time).  It’s freeing but also kind of straining.  Like, what am I supposed to do with my life now?  Am I on the right track?  With school, your life track is almost mindless.  Until you finish the courses your degree requires, you know where you’re going to be.  No big decisions.  Not huge ones anyway.  Once school is over, it’s like you can go anywhere, do anything.  It really makes you question if what you’re doing is truly in God’s will for your life.  This is made easier by the following new things:

NEW JOB!: After my beloved graduation, I became the “Administrative Assistant to the Chair of the Music and Worship Division” at the Baptist College of Florida.  How bout that?  My title beats yours.  With a stick.  No, but really… my job is amazing!  The position was proposed by the former occupant of it the day before graduation.  Now, if you know me, you know that I am a super planner.  Because of this, I had been looking at different jobs for a good while before graduation.  I had pretty much settled on finding a teaching position (for the vacation mostly!) or being a personal assistant (to satisfy the nerdy side of me).  This position is the best of both!  Add in a little counseling and you know pretty much what I do!  There are 6 professors and about 70 students in the division, and I’m in charge of keeping tabs on all of them.  Another super cool thing… I have an assistant!  She’s awesome and I get to give her the work I don’t have time for/want to delegate!  This job is definitely all from God and none from myself, which really helps satisfy my desire to know that I am in His will.

NEW APARTMENT: Corey and I moved into our new apartment at the end of April.  We are now in Dothan (finally!) and love it.  We have plenty of room in our new place which is great because we love clean, open spaces.  We even have our mountain fix from the treeline view off our balcony.  It’s been really great to live in Dothan – my girls are able to come over every once in a while, we don’t have to wake up so early to get to places, and it’s SO convenient.  We absolutely love it.  What is funny, though, is that we moved away from Graceville thinking we would not need to be close and I ended up with a drive to Graceville five days a week!  Thankfully, it’s only twenty minutes and I get to listen to NPR!  Oh, how I love NPR.  All of you who are not addicts are missing out.

Above is a combo picture of our first dog, Molly, and our new apartment (or at least the view from it!)

NEW DOG: Now, this is a fun story.  Corey has wanted a big dog for a while and, one day, decided to get one.  It was a crazy adjustment, but we went ahead and got “big dog” supplies and loved on that puppy.  Only, that puppy was huge and tore up our house.  We could have dealt, but we felt so bad for keeping that big dog in our apartment that we gave him to a man looking for a lab who had a BIG YARD!  Yay for that dog!  He was sweet, but I was glad when that week was over.  Not too long after that… I was walking our dog (our little two-year-old chihuahua, Molly) and saw a boy from our complex sitting on the tennis court with his toddler little brother and puppy running around.  I am always worried about a child’s well-being and immediately thought “where is your mother?”  So, in I go to the tennis court to have my dog meet his puppy and make sure he’s okay.  Everything is fine, so after talking for a bit (and telling him that if his puppy ever wants to play with my dog, to come knock on our door.  Mostly I did this for if he needs somewhere to go using the excuse of a puppy-play date.  Nice huh?), I go back inside.  The next day, I hear a knock on the door and here is this boy and his puppy saying he has to get rid of our dog and do we want him.  If it wasn’t such a God thing, I would have said no quickly because of our previous experience.  But, that previous experience had prepared us (getting out the big crate, buying lots of food, a big leash, and big toys…) and we decided to keep him.  We’ve had our sweet puppy, Buddy, for about a month-and-a-half and we couldn’t be happier.  He is a ball of energy, but Molly loves him.  He even knows how to sit and shake.  And he definitely knows no.  We’ve been over that one a lot!

Even the things are not new feel new because they’re in a new context.

SMALL GROUP GIRLS: My small group girls (9th grade now!) are awesome.  I love each and every one of them so much!  We’ve had a wonderful time getting to know each other this past year.  It’s quite an amazing thing… but they keep bringing their friends!  And their friends keep coming and bring their friends!  Needless to say, our 12 member group has grown to over 36!  We’re expanding like crazy and it’s wonderful.  All because people need God and people need love and our church is doing a good job at connecting those missing dots.

On a side note… my small group girls really are my heart.  You can’t comprehend what I mean unless you are a small group leader, but they really are.  When they hurt, I hurt.  When they’re joyful, I’m joyful.  When they make bad decisions, I feel God’s heart break (mine breaks too).  On that side note (how many side notes can I have?), the other 9th grade small group leaders and I are going to start a book with the girls come Fall to *hopefully* help them change their perspectives from worldly (which always ends up hurting) to godly (of which, there is no better).

MARRIAGE: No lie, big life changes are a stressor on marriage.  Routines that kept things stable are suddenly thrown out the window and relationships get wobbly.  Marriage after all the new things above is almost like a brand new thing.  Thankfully, Corey and I both love each other enough to realize our own faults and encourage (while working hard to not condemn) each other.  He is such a light in my life.  I’m so thankful for his spiritual headship of our family.  I really think I would be a horrible person without God’s love and grace and guidance through Corey.  Babe, I’m so thankful to you for always sticking with me, and I’m excited to experience all the new new things with you.



As you may know,  I am graduating with my B.A. in counseling on May 13th!

 I have looked forward to this day for so long; it’s amazing that it is so close!  Pretty much, it’s most of what consumes my thoughts nowadays.  That, what I have to do to graduate (a few more papers), and what I’ll do after I graduate (no clue).  If you can make it to celebrate with us we would LOVE it!!  10 am with an “after party” at my parents house about a mile from the school.  It’s going to be an awesome time with awesome friends (and family!) and awesome FOOD!

– I was hoping that by writing this out, I would relieve some of my excitement, but I think it was to no avail!

Life Update

Life is so amazing right now!

  • We’ve moved into an AMAZING apartment that allows us to feel like when we’re on vacation when we’re at home!
  • I’ve finished my senior research paper (60 pages!) and presented it.
  • The rest of my assignments for the semester are not too hard.
  • I’m able to have my 8th grade girls over every other week – which is AWESOME!
  • We have free cable!  That’s awesome too!
  • And so many other things… like how I feel like I’ve been on Spring Break for a month!

I’m so happy right now… have I mentioned that (:  God is providing for us so obviously right now.  I love being in His will and knowing it!

Moving Update

I don’t know how much I’ve posted about this on the blog – seeing as I haven’t been posting very often.  Corey and I have been looking for a place to rent in Dothan.  We originally wanted a house and looked very hard for one.  We got discouraged quickly as “perfect” houses would be leased out the day before we were to see them.  This made us very sad.  All the houses we did look at were either in a “not so good” neighborhood or were kind of crappy on the inside.  Everything decent was above what we really wanted to pay.  On a whim, we decided to look for an apartment.  At first, this idea made it seem like we failed.  Honestly, we set our expectations a little too high.  We didn’t have the time to look and look and look.  So when we found an apartment that was available (and nice!) we jumped on it.  We move in next weekend and couldn’t be happier.  Lower rent means more new furniture and the ability to save more each month while we are there the put towards a house.  Oh, and we are right next to the “clubhouse” where all the workout equipment is, and the pool, and the tennis courts!  I am so excited about waking up to go work out.  And never having to worry about our yard!  It’s going to be really great.  Things are falling in line, which, to us, shows that God has His hand in this.  Being blessed by grace is amazing!


I hate being sick.  It started with a sore throat last Monday (aka a whole week ago!).  I knew it was from working so much and sleeping so little that weekend.  That sore throat turned into a cough and drainage and yuck yuck yuck.  I worked Monday night, rested all day Tuesday, got someone to cover my shift Wednesday, rested more Thursday (seems like enough rest, right?), worked Friday night and totally lost my voice.  Saturday I couldn’t talk, so I got to roll silverware at work all night (not too hard and glad to still be able to contribute).  Sunday I had a little bit of voice left and used it at church and the rest of it at work.  Today, I’m resting.  I skipped all my classes (a very very difficult thing for me to do) and called in to work without a replacement (an even harder thing for me to do).  I’m off work and school tomorrow too for my regular day of rest.  I’m really really* hoping these two days of rest will get me feeling better.  I’ve been doped up on meds and now I’m eating a few oranges a day.  I don’t think I can stand doing nothing much longer.  It’s a very hard thing to do for the “productive” type like myself.  I’m so ready to be back to my normal self and able to do all the things my normal self could do.  It’s only been a week but I feel like I’m losing my life!

*When I use duplicate adjectives, you can tell I’m really going crazy.  Also when I feel like my life will never be the same again.  Wait.  That’s now.  Dang it.  Is there any hope for me?

Seminary Extension

School has been trucking along for a few weeks now.  In college, schoolwork comes and goes in pretty stable fluctuations.  You know you won’t have much school work for a few weeks, then finals, then not much work, then it gets crazy at the end.  This semester, though, we’re taking a few extra classes from seminary extension.  Seminary extension is an awesome program (only about $25 per credit hour) that provides classes in “book” format.  You send them money, they send you a study guide, books, 3 tests to mail in and you have one final (and a paper for 3 hour classes).  This is a pretty sweet deal seeing as it’s helping Corey and I graduate a semester early.

The classes we decided to take were James (2 hours), Luke (3 hours), and Systematic Theology (3 hours).  These will all translate into our degree as our needed Bible electives.  I’ve finished James and Luke (taken the final and all!), but still have a lot of work to do in theology.  That particular class is taking a while because the READING IS SO TEDIOUS!!!  (I hate tedious reading, if you can’t tell.)

On top of that, we’re planning a move to Dothan, and our actual classes are picking up a little.  All these Seminary Extension classes have to be back to them and in the grading process by next Friday (the 18th), so it’ll all be done before then.  The sooner the better.  I’m so ready to be done with them!


Some things we put off for later when we should accomplish them now (like dishes, laundry, or homework).  Some things are supposed to be later and we find ourselves accomplishing them early.  The latter is our case with moving.  We have long-planned to move after graduation.  A few days ago, we asked ourselves, “Why not move now?”  After doing a cost comparison of the different scenarios, we found that it would only cost us an extra $1000 to move now rather than waiting.  That hour drive every day makes $1000 look like chump change.  We are SO ready to be “in town” and not have to drive a million miles to get to everything we need.  So the search is on.  We’ve found a few houses we’re interested in renting and also a few we are not.  It’s going to be interesting to see how quickly we can get all of this done.  Seeing as nothing is packed.  We’ll see how it works!!!

My Church!

My AWESOME church just moved to a new location and is getting quite the buzz in the community.  Here’s a video of the local news station doing a story on it.  This video gives you a look inside our church and helps you see just a tad of why I love it so much.

Cross-stitching love

Every once in a while I get a little burnt out on crocheting. Usually this happens when I have a break from school and go buck wild making things. Since this happened over Christmas break, I decided to find something else to do. I found this awesome cross-stitch pattern at and already had the cloth and thread to make it, so I’m giving it a go. I have two squares about half of the way done, so it’ll take me a while. I only get time to cross-stitch when I get home from work late at night and Corey and I are watching a show or when I get a quick break between classes. I’ll upload a picture of the final project when the time comes!

Faith, Hope, Love