New Life… Again

      Note: This post was written 9/9/12 but was not posted.  Corey was going through a thing of wanting our life to be uber-private, so it never made its way to the web.  I got on that band-wagon for a little while, too, but now it’s back to normal.  Enjoy.God has once again […]


What What! Guess what time it is!! Yes, you are correct, it is time for the semi-annual World Conference for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).  Basically, the best of the best get together, worship the Creator and Savior of the universe, and learn much needed techniques for helping others live healthy, happy, productive, […]

Life Update

Life is so amazing right now! We’ve moved into an AMAZING apartment that allows us to feel like when we’re on vacation when we’re at home! I’ve finished my senior research paper (60 pages!) and presented it. The rest of my assignments for the semester are not too hard. I’m able to have my 8th […]

Moving Update

I don’t know how much I’ve posted about this on the blog – seeing as I haven’t been posting very often.  Corey and I have been looking for a place to rent in Dothan.  We originally wanted a house and looked very hard for one.  We got discouraged quickly as “perfect” houses would be leased […]