Life on the Ranch

I have thought many times of blogging about my life at the Ranch. Of the funny things and teachable things. I will not pretend that my perfectionism hasn’t gotten the best of me in this. I haven’t wanted to post unless I’ve had the time to do it thoroughly. I’ve now come to the realization […]

Wears Valley Ranch

Corey and I have been married for four glorious years. We have seen a lot, been through a lot, and have grown a lot. We spent our fourth anniversary in Wears Valley, TN. There, we were able to intimately visit an organization that is doing AMAZING work for our Lord. This organization is a children’s […]

Organize/Clean me!!!

Oh how I desire to be organized.  Is it just me or do you guys notice that when things aren’t organized, they quickly become stressful. I wish I could find a chart for everything in life so I could get everything organized.  Deep down I kind of feel like that is a fallacy.  I know […]

New Things

There are so many new things in my life right now.  Hopefully, in this post, I can update you on the big things in my life right now. GRADUATION: Corey and I have graduated college!  Both with our B.A.’s in Christian Counseling from the Baptist College of Florida.  An amazing program at an amazing school.  […]


Some things we put off for later when we should accomplish them now (like dishes, laundry, or homework).  Some things are supposed to be later and we find ourselves accomplishing them early.  The latter is our case with moving.  We have long-planned to move after graduation.  A few days ago, we asked ourselves, “Why not […]

Food Experiments

My husband loves to do food experiments. Tonight, for dinner, he made pork chops over french-cut style green beans over black-eyed peas with grits. For dessert, he made triple pudding (butterscotch, banana, and coconut cream) topped with cinnamon toast crutch cereal and cupcake pebbles cereal drizzled with chocolate syrup. I ate the dinner, tried the […]

First blog… sort of.

So here is my latest attempt at a blog.  I’ve tried this whole thing before but was never really satisfied.  (I’m thinking it was because I tried on blogger and just got frustrated by not being able to find my friends’ blogs.) I would love SO MUCH to have this record of my life, things […]